Ad Report Card

7 03 2010

So, one of my favorite discoveries the last couple months was Slate’s Ad Report Card.  I know.  I’m about 8 years behind on figuring this out, if only I had known in college.  It would have been so helpful in my advertising class…  I’ve found the campaign/commercial reviews funny and insightful.   Since there is only a new post roughly every month, I’ve gone back through the archives in sort of an odd advertising memory lane.

Tonight, one commercial really grabbed my attention (not a difficult task…) and caught me off guard (more difficult).  It’s not on YouTube yet, but I’ll post a link when I can.  Basically, you see a woman chasing glittering objects though a room, down a hallway, up some stairs, etc. (because we all know that women are like crows/raccoons and always chase shiny things…).  What appears to be a perfume bottle turns around to show the label which says “cervical cancer.”  Woman reacts in horror, voice-over says “maybe it’s unfair to get your attention this way, but nothing is fair about cervical cancer.”

The commercial got my attention, it was good.

However, I saw in the bottom corner GlaxoSmithKline and I shuddered.  My mind immediately careened over to fight or flight mode; I assumed that manipulation was at hand.  I would have preferred to see this from a public service announcement. I guess it’s hard to believe that GSK is actually concerned about women’s health rather than peddling their products.

In my personal consumer opinion, GSK has a less than sterling record that hampers my ability to trust anything they say in advertisements.  Perhaps they should fix their PR problems first so they don’t waste perfectly good ad space.




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