Friskies ad

29 03 2010

New article from the Ad Report Card today on the new Friskies cat food commercial with very funny observations on what is the Alice in Wonderland Experience that apparently occurs when you feed your cat Friskies, which may or may not be laced with something a little stronger than catnip.

My only add on to this review is when I saw this commercial I was so lost as to why this cat does not try and eat one of the dancing turkeys, or at the very least the baby chicks near the end.

On an unrelated note, come on Friskies, you totally ripped off Morris the Cat from Nine Lives.  Except Morris was much cooler, because he said “no” to drugs.




3 responses

29 03 2010

nice 🙂

30 03 2010

For those of you who like Epic stories like Beowulf, you may appreciate this comparison of the Friskies cat to an epic hero. It is pretty hilarious.

1 04 2010
McCrae's girl

We know a cat named Annie who would have gone after the chicks!!

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