Just in Time for the Final Four

3 04 2010

Like most Americans, I’ve been watching the NCAA Tournament for the past few weeks.  One thing that strikes me is that instead of Gatorade coolers on the sideline, the coolers say Vitamin Water.  Players even have Vitamin Water bottles to reuse (because being green is so very important to playing basketball…).   I actually just found out that apparently this has been going on since 2008?  I must not have paid any attention to the games in years past…

Having played high school and college sports before the advent of Vitamin Water, this just seems so strange to me and leaves me with a myriad of unanswered questions.  Will the winning team dump the cooler of Vitamin Water on the coach after the finals?  What flavor is the Vitamin Water?  Power C? XXX? Recovery? Lemonade?  Revive?   (That must suck for the people who are used to betting on what flavor the Gatorade is)

There is such simplicity to Gatorade’s flavors.  Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Blue Storm (I love the fact that blue is a flavor – there is even Purple Flavor- which will always remind me of freshman year soccer at GCC and mixing Gatorade before games and practice and then lugging the full coolers down to the field, but I digress).

I guess what is hardest for me is that I don’t put Gatorade and Vitamin Water in the same category.  Vitamin Water just tastes too good to do the same things as Gatorade.  Also, I cannot buy a large bottle of Vitamin Water in the store like I can with Gatorade.   In our household, I am alone in my opinion of the difference between Gatorade and Vitamin Water, so I’m putting up to a poll.




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15 04 2010

Had to comment here. While I love Gatorade and Vitamin Water both, all you have to do is look at the nutrition label to see which is better. They both offer the SAME nutrients to replenish electrolytes lost through sweating, but Vitamin Water doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup! That’s a major advantage for the Water, but Gatorade just goes with sports; it’s a part of sporting event history, so I would hate to see it leave the sports arena. And I know that I feel this way soley due to it’s product Brand marketing…thank you, GCC…

15 04 2010

You sound like a certain Lauren Taylor 🙂
I agree that Vitamin Water is healthier with the lack of HFCS, but it does still have fructose (in crystalline form, but still wreaks havoc on your pancreas).

I guess Vitamin Water just doesn’t seem as sport friendly as Gatorade. Too Yuppie for my taste.

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