My New Favorite Spokesman

4 04 2010

So, Nationwide now claims to have the best spokesman in the world, but having seen his ridiculously ineffective antics I beg to differ. Let me now introduce you to my favorite spokesman.
Enter the HP Let’s Do Amazing Campaign plus Murray Hewitt, the manager of New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo – The Flight of the Conchords. *

Murray Hewitt - Manager of Flight of the Conchords

Now really, who wouldn’t trust that face?

In what I consider a pretty brilliant move, HP has been showing off it’s innovation in co-op commercials with clients using HP custom designed solutions.   This is a very smart move for two reasons.  A of all, HP gets to split the bill on the commercial with UPS and DreamWorks, and B of all, using this spokesman is just hilarious.

Rhys Darby, who brings his Murray character to the HP commercials, has a Michael Scott “well meaning idiocy**” with an adorable accent and enormous culture gap.   So, HP gets him to show off really high tech products that he doesn’t really understand.  I have to say this is a win.

Mostly I love this particular commercial because of the “I’m a dreamer” line.

*For those sad individuals who have not been introduced to Murray, Bret, and Jemaine get thyself to YouTube or try to find Season 1 of the HBO show somewhere forthwith.  You will not regret it.  Do it now.

No, seriously, do it now.

**Description of Michael Scott courtesy of the husband in reference to Michael Scott circa Season 1 and Season 2




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1 05 2010
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