Not really newsworthy…

27 06 2010

So, maybe Foxnews gets a little too distracted by the pop culture Buzz to run legitimate news stories all the time, but they have given me a great gift in their lapse of journalistic judgement.  Foxnews ran a slide-show piece on classic print ads, which I promptly saved to my hard drive knowing that they would come in handy when I had crippling writers block.  (Can I help it that there are no commercial breaks during soccer?)

Behold my top choices from this great list.  More will follow in the coming weeks.  Today we will start with the borderline misogynistic ads.

I love my Stand Mixer.  Andrew isn’t allowed to touch it.  So, I’ll let this one slide.

I’m not sure what this one is trying to convey.  Is he mad that she won’t use the postage meter that looks suspiciously like a toaster?  Is he trying to kill her with a postage meter?  Can someone from the 50’s explain this to me?

Nothing bad can come from drinking on an empty stomach!

Worst. pickup line. ever.  Nowadays, she’ll slap you with a restraining order and lawsuit for forced second-hand smoke exposure.




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