Why It’s Okay to Take Breaks

20 03 2012

or, why advertising agency’s have game rooms in the building and are just awesome in general.

Wall Street Journal had this article on “How to Be Creative” that discusses the different types of creative problems and how they are overcome.  I personally found that very vindicating interesting, because I often appear a bit scattered while I’m at work.  I have roughly 10-20 design projects, emails, spreadsheets, etc. that I’m working on throughout the day all open at once (Which may be why my computer hates me so much). Then there are the tangible tasks of assembling marketing materials which take up the table and the proofs, quotes, and industry pieces I want to review piled on my desk.  (but hey as my father in law has said “If a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk mean?”)  I work on something until I hit a wall, then I work on something else.  And I almost always forget that I printed something until then next time I walk downstairs.

Everything in the article seemed spot on to me in my small amount of experience.  Breaks can make you step back and view your project from a different perspective, but you still need to hunker down and do the work when your break is done.

Yes, I bounce around alot if there are distractions, but if something takes focus I find a way to tune things out.  And yes, I have often had creative breakthroughs at awkward moments (often verbally too).  But that’s all okay, because the Wall Street Journal said so, right?




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