Some Causes Are More Valid Than Others

22 03 2012

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that trying Miracle Whip isn’t as valid a cause as helping disaster victims, the sad animal commercial and well… almost anything else.

What exactly does this cause achieve?

From what I can tell, this cause is a facebook page where instead of a dialog, there is simply a forum for one-sided positive responses to “Miracle Whip is Gross!”  (Which basically sums up how most political discussions work in America if you take out the part about your sandwich condiments choices and replace it with government officials)

This new “Keep An Open Mouth” Campaign hopefully won’t last.  Usually when you compare your product to witchcraft and prostitution it doesn’t make people want to try it as this article points out.

Though maybe we should have seen this advertising down turn coming as we did get fair warning that Miracle Whip would not “Tone It Down” in the last campaign: their attempt to make Miracle Whip the choice of hipsters.


I personally agree with Pioneer Woman that Miracle Whip is indeed, from the devil.




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