Lowe’s vs. Home Depot

23 05 2012

While I do like the new Lowe’s campaign for the most part, I have noticed something odd about their portrayal of home improvement.

Apparently it’s easy.

Just a flick of the wall painting pen here, roll out your carpet of garden there, and you’re done in an instant!
That seems realistic.  Like cardinals fixing up their own bird houses realistic.

Conversely, Home Depot has stuck with their standard, “We help you accomplish great things” philosophy.  Maybe it’s my cynical nature, but I much prefer the straight shooter “get your hands dirty and you might accomplish something” method to the “Just dance through life to hipster approved music and magical things happen” approach.  I think the fact that Home Depot doesn’t even post their commercials on their YouTube channel shows that their marketing focus is how to help customers get things done rather than creating buzz.Lowe’s seems to be focusing too much on creating viral sensation and it makes them seem less knowledgeable.  They are comparable to Home Depot in most ways, and they even have some advantage with their MyLowes online to keep track of your house project*.  But the most memorable part of their campaign is music and people dancing. This generally isn’t your go-to knowledge group for home improvement.  Ron Swanson doesn’t take Lowe’s seriously either.

*My paranoia makes me think that is a brilliant market research scam posing as a helpful tool meant to get free information from homeowners about brand usage and preference. I haven’t researched it enough to confirm though.




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