Celebrities are just like us!

29 05 2012

They use Siri to fill the loneliness inside.

My Brother asked me what I thought of that commercial, and I must say it makes me feel sad for John Malcovich.  How lonely do you have to be to discuss philosophy with a phone?

Apple’s Siri commercials have evolved from the first Siri ads that focused on getting people used to asking a machine questions.  The new batch of ads use the celebrity factor to make it seem normal to carry on an entire conversation with Siri.  People already isolate themselves enough already and hide behind social media (blogging irony!) avoiding true friendship for a “safe” controllable alternative.  Is it responsible marketing on Apple’s part to make staying at home and dancing with your phone seem like normal and healthy behavior?  Everyone knows that kind of behavior is quirky at best…



Lowe’s vs. Home Depot

23 05 2012

While I do like the new Lowe’s campaign for the most part, I have noticed something odd about their portrayal of home improvement.

Apparently it’s easy.

Just a flick of the wall painting pen here, roll out your carpet of garden there, and you’re done in an instant!
That seems realistic.  Like cardinals fixing up their own bird houses realistic.

Conversely, Home Depot has stuck with their standard, “We help you accomplish great things” philosophy.  Maybe it’s my cynical nature, but I much prefer the straight shooter “get your hands dirty and you might accomplish something” method to the “Just dance through life to hipster approved music and magical things happen” approach.  I think the fact that Home Depot doesn’t even post their commercials on their YouTube channel shows that their marketing focus is how to help customers get things done rather than creating buzz.Lowe’s seems to be focusing too much on creating viral sensation and it makes them seem less knowledgeable.  They are comparable to Home Depot in most ways, and they even have some advantage with their MyLowes online to keep track of your house project*.  But the most memorable part of their campaign is music and people dancing. This generally isn’t your go-to knowledge group for home improvement.  Ron Swanson doesn’t take Lowe’s seriously either.

*My paranoia makes me think that is a brilliant market research scam posing as a helpful tool meant to get free information from homeowners about brand usage and preference. I haven’t researched it enough to confirm though.

Some Causes Are More Valid Than Others

22 03 2012

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that trying Miracle Whip isn’t as valid a cause as helping disaster victims, the sad animal commercial and well… almost anything else.

What exactly does this cause achieve?

From what I can tell, this cause is a facebook page where instead of a dialog, there is simply a forum for one-sided positive responses to “Miracle Whip is Gross!”  (Which basically sums up how most political discussions work in America if you take out the part about your sandwich condiments choices and replace it with government officials)

This new “Keep An Open Mouth” Campaign hopefully won’t last.  Usually when you compare your product to witchcraft and prostitution it doesn’t make people want to try it as this article points out.

Though maybe we should have seen this advertising down turn coming as we did get fair warning that Miracle Whip would not “Tone It Down” in the last campaign: their attempt to make Miracle Whip the choice of hipsters.


I personally agree with Pioneer Woman that Miracle Whip is indeed, from the devil.

Evil Green Mist, coming to a neighborhood near you!

19 03 2012

Lowe’s has been doing a great job with their new(ish) marketing campaign recently.  They have ridiculously catchy hipster music (“Don’t Stop, Doin’ what-cha doing” is often sung in our house) and a slight variance in each commercial to appeal to different personalities.  Case in point, my MIL saw the “Coloring Book” commercial and like it so much that she told me about it, and she actually remembered who the commercial was for (not the easiest task).

However, one commercial just seems to freak people out.  The Fresh Cut Grass Commercial:

I didn’t think too much of this commercial. I just figured it wasn’t directed at me (I hate yard work (probably because it was a punishment when I was a child – “Just go pick up sticks in the yard!)).  I did think the green mist (fog, scent, visual gas leak?) was a little weird and reminiscent of the evil green mist in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader Butchering that Hollywood put out.

Green Mist is not normally a comforting sight

However, my focus group friends all hated this commercial with a fiery passion that I usually reserve for pickles.

The biggest complaint was the mystery green fog:  It looks like poison, it’s kidnapping people, why does it have the power to change their clothes? Is it just pot fumes and that’s why they are excited about yard work?  It just looks evil.  Who likes the smell of fresh-cut grass? (allergy sufferer’s words)

The best response: How early is that jerk neighbor mowing the lawn!?

Fitting Spokesman for a Death Trap of a Car

15 03 2012

At first I was confused that someone was using Charlie Sheen as a spokesperson. Sure, he’s toned down a bit since the “Winning” side effects of withdrawal, but come on. He’s a perfect of example of “This is your face on drugs.”  But Fiat took the risk for the Abarth:

I guess it makes sense though.  Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle will kill most people, and driving a tiny deathtrap of a car also has the same side effects.

Subliminal Apple

14 03 2012

Do you remember when people used to think there were subliminal messages in commercials?  That there was some message being played in reverse that would subconsciously enter your mind and the next thing you knew you had 15 bags of Cheetos in your house, but you didn’t know where they came from?  Well, in my opinion, Apple does this visually.  I know I’m way late on commenting on this, but let’s talk about Siri.  In all of the initial commercials for Apple’s voice application, none of the eyes of the adults talking to the phone were shown.

It seems like Apple wants to separate the voice from the human aspect and make it normal to carry on a conversation with a machine (which some lonely people are more than willing to do)

That just can’t be good for human kind, but it will make it easier for the super wealthy to adapt to their robot maids.

Close, But Miller Lite Still Sucks

3 06 2010

I laughed really hard when I saw this commercial.  Miller Lite just slightly missed the mark.  Anyone who drinks light beer is missing the point of drinking beer and doesn’t get to lose the skirt until they man up.

But boy, do I love where Miller Lite is going with this ad campaign. See, the purse/carryall commercial here.   Having recently seen a purse carrying dude in Ikea, this might be my favorite of the two.