The Three Little Pigs, Guardian Style

23 03 2012

I found this Guardian Ad on how the 3 Little Pigs fairy tale might be covered in modern media really interesting, relate-able, and well made.

I am a little bummed that the whole story involved the pigs being the bad guy…


Some Causes Are More Valid Than Others

22 03 2012

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that trying Miracle Whip isn’t as valid a cause as helping disaster victims, the sad animal commercial and well… almost anything else.

What exactly does this cause achieve?

From what I can tell, this cause is a facebook page where instead of a dialog, there is simply a forum for one-sided positive responses to “Miracle Whip is Gross!”  (Which basically sums up how most political discussions work in America if you take out the part about your sandwich condiments choices and replace it with government officials)

This new “Keep An Open Mouth” Campaign hopefully won’t last.  Usually when you compare your product to witchcraft and prostitution it doesn’t make people want to try it as this article points out.

Though maybe we should have seen this advertising down turn coming as we did get fair warning that Miracle Whip would not “Tone It Down” in the last campaign: their attempt to make Miracle Whip the choice of hipsters.


I personally agree with Pioneer Woman that Miracle Whip is indeed, from the devil.

Subliminal Apple

14 03 2012

Do you remember when people used to think there were subliminal messages in commercials?  That there was some message being played in reverse that would subconsciously enter your mind and the next thing you knew you had 15 bags of Cheetos in your house, but you didn’t know where they came from?  Well, in my opinion, Apple does this visually.  I know I’m way late on commenting on this, but let’s talk about Siri.  In all of the initial commercials for Apple’s voice application, none of the eyes of the adults talking to the phone were shown.

It seems like Apple wants to separate the voice from the human aspect and make it normal to carry on a conversation with a machine (which some lonely people are more than willing to do)

That just can’t be good for human kind, but it will make it easier for the super wealthy to adapt to their robot maids.

Summer Doldrums

15 07 2010

So, I’ve been watching more Netflix than TV as of late, and summer programing sucks for the most part.  Please forgive my absence.

I now reward you with more vintage ads – Foods That Shouldn’t Be.

Mmmmm..  Bacon Pancakes. …..  I have nothing to add… your thoughts?

Wow, Swifts Prem does stand out from other tinned meats…  Nope, I can still only think of Spam.  Sorry Swifts.

There we go.  Spam, trying to pass off as a legitimate meal option again.  Apparently no one told the advertisers that “Ah” is an ambiguous interjection.  Just like “Tasty” isn’t always a compliment. 


3 07 2010

In continuation of the Foxnews Vintage ads, I present to you the inappropriate children’s ads.

When mom and baby have had a rough day, nothing says healthy brain development like freshly brewed hops.

There’s no such thing as too young, when it comes to baby smooth skin!

It’s probably far more likely you will shoot your eye out with this than a red rider BB gun.

What Christmas smells like!

Not really newsworthy…

27 06 2010

So, maybe Foxnews gets a little too distracted by the pop culture Buzz to run legitimate news stories all the time, but they have given me a great gift in their lapse of journalistic judgement.  Foxnews ran a slide-show piece on classic print ads, which I promptly saved to my hard drive knowing that they would come in handy when I had crippling writers block.  (Can I help it that there are no commercial breaks during soccer?)

Behold my top choices from this great list.  More will follow in the coming weeks.  Today we will start with the borderline misogynistic ads.

I love my Stand Mixer.  Andrew isn’t allowed to touch it.  So, I’ll let this one slide.

I’m not sure what this one is trying to convey.  Is he mad that she won’t use the postage meter that looks suspiciously like a toaster?  Is he trying to kill her with a postage meter?  Can someone from the 50’s explain this to me?

Nothing bad can come from drinking on an empty stomach!

Worst. pickup line. ever.  Nowadays, she’ll slap you with a restraining order and lawsuit for forced second-hand smoke exposure.

New Ad Report Card Article

7 06 2010

Bold words, Seth.  Tell me, do you think this is the greatest ad you’ve ever seen?

Being an Adidas girl, I still think that Nike has no place in soccer.  I have never bought Nike cleats, soccer balls, or duffel bags.  I just can’t do it.  Nike is for basketball.  However, I must begrudgingly admit that this is a good commercial, although, not the best ever.  And if you are inspired by a commercial to such extremes as the author of this article is, you may want to interact with real people more often.

Well done Nike, but with your budget you have to do a good job, since people won’t be buying your soccer supplies because of quality.