Good Marketers Have Good Timing

17 03 2012

So, dudes.  You like March Madness, but you have a silly job that requires you to be at the office during game time.  What’s a guy to do?

Well, one health facility in Richmond has your solution in 2 words: “Snip, Snip”

While I doubt most would go to such drastic measures for a few days of watching basketball, I am really impressed by this campaign creating a good opportunity for its patients.


My Husband’s Favorite and My Least Favorite Commercial…

16 03 2012

…is one and the same.

You’ve probably seen this commercial.  I thought it was funny at first. I thought it was ridiculous how crazy that woman was. Then my husband looked at me and said, “You’ve done that!”

Color me bitter.

Fitting Spokesman for a Death Trap of a Car

15 03 2012

At first I was confused that someone was using Charlie Sheen as a spokesperson. Sure, he’s toned down a bit since the “Winning” side effects of withdrawal, but come on. He’s a perfect of example of “This is your face on drugs.”  But Fiat took the risk for the Abarth:

I guess it makes sense though.  Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle will kill most people, and driving a tiny deathtrap of a car also has the same side effects.

“Target” Market

15 03 2012

I came across this article by Forbes the other week “How Target Figured Out a Teen Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did”.  Basically, Target could determine if a woman was pregnant and when she was due based on her purchase history, then they would send her coupons for maternity and baby supplies.

The article is a review of a second article which reviews how the study of habits and statisticians have become such an aid for marketers. It also provides the creepy details of how Target finds Read the rest of this entry »

Subliminal Apple

14 03 2012

Do you remember when people used to think there were subliminal messages in commercials?  That there was some message being played in reverse that would subconsciously enter your mind and the next thing you knew you had 15 bags of Cheetos in your house, but you didn’t know where they came from?  Well, in my opinion, Apple does this visually.  I know I’m way late on commenting on this, but let’s talk about Siri.  In all of the initial commercials for Apple’s voice application, none of the eyes of the adults talking to the phone were shown.

It seems like Apple wants to separate the voice from the human aspect and make it normal to carry on a conversation with a machine (which some lonely people are more than willing to do)

That just can’t be good for human kind, but it will make it easier for the super wealthy to adapt to their robot maids.

From Hero to Zero

9 09 2010

Old Spice, when one has the winning recipe for a successful commercial (that would be humor, shirtless hot guy, a decent product, a horse, hot guy, unique shooting, and shirtless hot guy, for those of you interested), one does not change the recipe.  Especially when your substitution takes you from recent WR to washed up LB.

Even if your main ingredient retires, move along to something else.  Please don’t subject us to your bargain basement find, however we do thank you for not making Ray Lewis shirtless.

Summer Doldrums

15 07 2010

So, I’ve been watching more Netflix than TV as of late, and summer programing sucks for the most part.  Please forgive my absence.

I now reward you with more vintage ads – Foods That Shouldn’t Be.

Mmmmm..  Bacon Pancakes. …..  I have nothing to add… your thoughts?

Wow, Swifts Prem does stand out from other tinned meats…  Nope, I can still only think of Spam.  Sorry Swifts.

There we go.  Spam, trying to pass off as a legitimate meal option again.  Apparently no one told the advertisers that “Ah” is an ambiguous interjection.  Just like “Tasty” isn’t always a compliment.