Adidas missed the mark

8 06 2010

Have you ever seen Drop Dead Gorgeous?  If not, stop reading and go watch it now.  I mean it.

Now that you are back, there is a scene where all of the pageant girls explain their patriotic costumes and why they are “Proud to be an American” and Tess, who has the Largest Ball of Twine on her head, says, “I think I misunderstood the assignment…”

That is how Adidas should feel about their new ad campaign for the World Cup.

Nike came up with how the World Cup is a life changing, inspiring event for the players; Puma had an awesome viral campaign that made me love Puma and all of their soccer hooligan-ness.

Adidas just made me confused… and a little sad.


Close, But Miller Lite Still Sucks

3 06 2010

I laughed really hard when I saw this commercial.  Miller Lite just slightly missed the mark.  Anyone who drinks light beer is missing the point of drinking beer and doesn’t get to lose the skirt until they man up.

But boy, do I love where Miller Lite is going with this ad campaign. See, the purse/carryall commercial here.   Having recently seen a purse carrying dude in Ikea, this might be my favorite of the two.

Worst Tagline Ever.

7 05 2010

Where?  Where were the focus groups?  Where was the slightest faction of logical oversight?  Why Charmin?  WHY?

When I saw this at the end of the normally creepy bears in the woods commercial last night, I freaked out.  Just a little bit, because Charmin has crossed a new line of inappropriate animal defecation by leaps and bounds in what was already an ad campaign that has long worn out its welcome.

But then today, I went to their website to do some blog research and behold I was greeted by this monstrosity.

The “Sit or Squat” site.*

Charmin, have you no decency?

*PS, now the creepiest thing ever:  The sit or squat site has a community section who’s purpose is only for people who want to talk with strangers about toilets:

Visit the Community
The community at SitOrSquat is designed to give people a place to interact with anything that has to do with bathrooms. Check out the selection including News, Blogs, Forums and Humor.

Coca-Cola's Guide to Living Positively

4 05 2010

Coke is trying to fight the Anti-Soda movement by… being Anti-Soda?

Coca-Cola is pushing its new Live Positively Campaign in an attempt to develop goodwill with it’s customers.  This program has helped create the school health guidelines that it will now be enforcing.  In fact, it has “helped reduce total beverage calories provided to U.S. schools by 88%.” Coke also lets us know how the Coke Rewards program is providing supplies for the schools.  This way parents will buy Coke products to support the schools and the kids can get their crack Coke at home instead of the school.  We also are informed how their Triple Play program encourages kids to get active and make wise diet decisions.  Wow, Coke is such a purveyor of good will and societal improvement!

Yeah…  I’m going to say that this willingness to help is only because it provides Coke with more opportunity to peddle Dasani, Vitamin Water, and Minute Maid, products with a higher profit margin.

Coke is really trying to sell this by referring to their sodas as “sparkling beverages” and only referring to themselves as Coca-Cola, because we consumers will never figure out that sparkling beverages and soda are the same thing to Coke and Coca-Cola just sounds so much friendlier and well meaning.

Ad Report Card

7 03 2010

So, one of my favorite discoveries the last couple months was Slate’s Ad Report Card.  I know.  I’m about 8 years behind on figuring this out, if only I had known in college.  It would have been so helpful in my advertising class…  I’ve found the campaign/commercial reviews funny and insightful.   Since there is only a new post roughly every month, I’ve gone back through the archives in sort of an odd advertising memory lane.

Tonight, one commercial really grabbed my attention (not a difficult task…) and caught me off guard (more difficult).  It’s not on YouTube yet, but I’ll post a link when I can.  Basically, you see a woman chasing glittering objects though a room, down a hallway, up some stairs, etc. (because we all know that women are like crows/raccoons and always chase shiny things…).  What appears to be a perfume bottle turns around to show the label which says “cervical cancer.”  Woman reacts in horror, voice-over says “maybe it’s unfair to get your attention this way, but nothing is fair about cervical cancer.”

The commercial got my attention, it was good.

However, I saw in the bottom corner GlaxoSmithKline and I shuddered.  My mind immediately careened over to fight or flight mode; I assumed that manipulation was at hand.  I would have preferred to see this from a public service announcement. I guess it’s hard to believe that GSK is actually concerned about women’s health rather than peddling their products.

In my personal consumer opinion, GSK has a less than sterling record that hampers my ability to trust anything they say in advertisements.  Perhaps they should fix their PR problems first so they don’t waste perfectly good ad space.