Celebrities are just like us!

29 05 2012

They use Siri to fill the loneliness inside.

My Brother asked me what I thought of that commercial, and I must say it makes me feel sad for John Malcovich.  How lonely do you have to be to discuss philosophy with a phone?

Apple’s Siri commercials have evolved from the first Siri ads that focused on getting people used to asking a machine questions.  The new batch of ads use the celebrity factor to make it seem normal to carry on an entire conversation with Siri.  People already isolate themselves enough already and hide behind social media (blogging irony!) avoiding true friendship for a “safe” controllable alternative.  Is it responsible marketing on Apple’s part to make staying at home and dancing with your phone seem like normal and healthy behavior?  Everyone knows that kind of behavior is quirky at best…



Subliminal Apple

14 03 2012

Do you remember when people used to think there were subliminal messages in commercials?  That there was some message being played in reverse that would subconsciously enter your mind and the next thing you knew you had 15 bags of Cheetos in your house, but you didn’t know where they came from?  Well, in my opinion, Apple does this visually.  I know I’m way late on commenting on this, but let’s talk about Siri.  In all of the initial commercials for Apple’s voice application, none of the eyes of the adults talking to the phone were shown.

It seems like Apple wants to separate the voice from the human aspect and make it normal to carry on a conversation with a machine (which some lonely people are more than willing to do)

That just can’t be good for human kind, but it will make it easier for the super wealthy to adapt to their robot maids.

Why I Love Google

21 05 2010

Those of you who know me, know that I often will refuse to buy something because I don’t like the company (Apple is one of those companies, but that is for another post).  There are also companies who can do no wrong in my eyes.  Google is one of those companies.  Okay, Buzz was creepy, but I got over it.

And when a company provides you with free Pacman on your homepage for a day, well who can’t love that?  Except maybe your boss.  And when was the last time Apple gave anything away for free?

Therefore, go to Google and celebrate Pacman’s birthday, and mine while you are at it.
Do it now.

Happy 5th Birthday.

15 05 2010

AT&T has a new commercial that causes such repulsion in my husband that he did not know what it was advertising until I told him.  Gene Wilder’s “Pure Imagination” lost all of the charm, innocence and sweet nature from Willy Wonka and took on a sinister, creepy vibe in this commercial for AT&T.

I would have to argue though, that Willy Wonka brought more to life in his creepy chocolate factory full of musical migrant midget workers than AT&T’s weird drawings that come to life.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want the things 5 year olds dream of to come to life, unless they involve a chocolate river.  Sorry, AT&T, you might have Apple locked down for another 3 years, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to join your crazy fantasy land.

One of the greatest days in marketing history

9 04 2010

Say goodbye to the Justin Long Mac commercials!  I’ll wait while all you PCers dance a collective jig while all the Macs sob quietly in the corner.

While these commercials were witty and mildly amusing at first, but pretty soon, those of us without Macs started to realize how unconscionably pretentious Apple, and by association, Steve Jobs, really were.  Apple, you mean to tell me that because I do not own your overpriced, borderline socialist, supercilious equipment I am now the consumer equivalent of a sniveling, overweight, middle-aged nerd who’s logic and social skills are comparable to that of a Slippery Rock student?

It’s that kind of attitude that ostracizes the other 90% of the consumer-level market.  I’m guessing you never heard about honey catching more flies than vinegar (Steve Jobs, I’m talking to you).

The only good thing to come out of this whole debacle was the I’m a PC campaign, which really helped improved my self esteem.

I’m a PC, and I am a huge marketing nerd.

Now if only we could get rid of the $5 foot long commercials, it would truly be the GREATEST day in marketing, EVER.