How can 1 minute cause a month's worth of hate?

16 03 2010

It may be a little late to review a Super Bowl ad, but it’s been over a month, and I’m still angry.

Enter Audi Green Police.

I see so many problems with this ad, most blatantly the similarities of the Green Police to the SS or KGB.  This commercial makes me want to drive a Hummer with the windows down and AC on while smoking and running over puny little pretentious Audis.

When will advertisers/the government/environmentalist learn that the fastest way to make people resent your cause is to legally force them to do something?  It’s like the CRV tax on cans and bottles in California.  I feel like I’m getting robbed if I don’t turn my cans back in at the recycling center.  Inversely, I now won’t recycle anything that does not give me money back.  Therefore, I come out even, the state of California loses, and homeless people clean up (as long as they are willing to dumpster dive).

Audi gets an F for trying to promote a world where someone who uses a plastic bag gets arrested and punks driving Audis win.