Close, But Miller Lite Still Sucks

3 06 2010

I laughed really hard when I saw this commercial.  Miller Lite just slightly missed the mark.  Anyone who drinks light beer is missing the point of drinking beer and doesn’t get to lose the skirt until they man up.

But boy, do I love where Miller Lite is going with this ad campaign. See, the purse/carryall commercial here.   Having recently seen a purse carrying dude in Ikea, this might be my favorite of the two.

A New Slate Article

2 06 2010

Slate has a new article about the Clio Advertising Awards, which might only be interesting for marketing nerds like me.  It does bring up some of my favorite commercials, and apparently, they got robbed.

While this got the top award,

The old spice guy, only bronze.  I am not pleased.

New Slate Article

3 05 2010

Not your best work, Seth.

I for one, like the Twix ad, because there is no benefit to eating a candy bar, except maybe not being able to talk during awkward moments while you “chew it over.” Who hasn’t used the “I’m taking a drink, so I can’t introduce you to my friend so you’ll have to introduce yourself which is my whole plan because I forgot your name” technique from Gilmore Girls?

As for liking Miller Light Commercials?  I’ve always appreciated their campaign slogans like “It’s Miller Time” and “Miller, Always a Good Call.”  Unfortunately, I have always had too much respect for myself to drink crappy beer, so a faster drinking bottle doesn’t really appeal to me.

(Seth, your overgrown frat boy is showing.)