Burger King Expands Its Target Market… Finally

11 03 2010

BrandWeek posted this article about Burger King’s new campaign directed at children.   This should be good.  They are moving beyond a campaign with a creepy king that is a complete dude-fest and bringing in the big guns.  That’s right, a princess.  But not just any princess, a princess who overindulges in cupcakes.  That’s about right for the target market for a fast food chain.

I did some research on this Pinkalicious character, and she appears to be quite popular in the realm of little girls, so this may be a wise move for Burger King who has had notoriously awful advertising.  However, you are now entering the ethically sketchy realm of advertising to children.  Burger King has improved their kid’s meal choices for sides, but a kids’ cheeseburger still has 740mg of sodium and 15 grams of fat…..

So….. using a cute child’s character toy to lure kids into your restaurant (read:  create whining monsters who will beg and plead until their parents finally cave)… Yeah, I’m going to go with sleaze.

At least you knew it was a little bit evil when you saw this guy.