Political Ads

26 04 2010

There are three sure things in life:  death, taxes, and political smear campaigns.  With the long overdue end of Schwarzenegger’s term in office coming this fall, the two Republican candidates have come out swinging to win the gubernatorial primary this spring.

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have completely taken over the prime time conservative viewership ad spot… during Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.  It all started innocently enough, Meg Whitman ran Ebay! She is a great business woman.  Poizner followed up with an awful ad (just scary and negative, with no redemptive point, kind of like this post) that was particularly nasty because it showed the most unflattering pictures of Meg Whitman.  Ironically, it informed us that Meg Whitman had turned to negative attack ads, which I had not yet seen during my nightly viewing of Jeopardy.

Meg Whitman followed up with a few well done pieces listing reasons why Poizner was bad.  Clever, but unfortunately, Meg forgot that people knew their numbers and that she simply kept repeating the same 4 reasons without showing us reasons 1-11 and 15-20.

After a series of just terrible, no good, very bad ads, including pushing a car off of a cliff/saving it (not really sure… I just know that I would have chosen a less crappy car to represent California [aka the constituents] if I were Steve’s campaign manager) also immigration reform which really might just lose you votes.  Nevermind, illegal aliens can’t vote.

Steve’s campaign manager finally got one right with this final ad, which actually made a valid reason to not vote for Meg Whitman.  She may be a great business woman who has experience with following a budget, but will your conscience let you vote for her?

Unfortunately, Steve Poizner forgot to mention that he is also pro-choice. Wow, California, how did you get so lucky with two upstanding candidates??

I’m just glad I’m still registered to vote in Virginia.
Also, my apologies for the amount of links in this post.  Just wanted to make sure you have all of the information that the candidates want you to know, and even some they don’t want you to know.