Happy Meal Haters

28 04 2010

Happy Meal Toys Are Banned in California County

In true California fashion, we have decided the best way to get people to make good decisions is to… legally force them to.  No need for parents to make these decisions for the good of their children, let’s get this police state going!  Who needs freedom to make decisions?  County councils are perfectly willing to make them for you.  After a 3 to 2 vote in approval of the ban, the board supervisor had this to say regarding his “No” vote

“If you can’t control a 3-year-old child for a toy, God save you when they get to be teenagers,” he said. Gage, who is overweight, said he was a living example of how obese children can become obese adults.
But he questioned the role of fast-food toys. “When I was growing up in Gilroy 65 years ago, there were no fast-food restaurants,” Gage said.

Okay now, this isn’t 1998 there is no beanie baby mania going on anymore.  I personally haven’t noticed much advertising touting the toys in Kids’ Meals anymore.  If anything, Happy Meals mostly serve to bump up the purchase to one with a higher profit margin, when kids see the display in the store, after said parents have already decided their children will eat a high calorie fast food meal.  This egg definitely came after the chicken.

What seemed like a good investment at the time

In case you were wondering, unopened “Teanie Beanie Babies” are now being sold by their adult purchasers for 36¢ each on average.  I’m guessing originally paying $5 for a Happy Meal has left them with so much cognitive disonance they just want to remove the painful regret from their homes at any price.