Worst Tagline Ever.

7 05 2010

Where?  Where were the focus groups?  Where was the slightest faction of logical oversight?  Why Charmin?  WHY?

When I saw this at the end of the normally creepy bears in the woods commercial last night, I freaked out.  Just a little bit, because Charmin has crossed a new line of inappropriate animal defecation by leaps and bounds in what was already an ad campaign that has long worn out its welcome.

But then today, I went to their website to do some blog research and behold I was greeted by this monstrosity.

The “Sit or Squat” site.*

Charmin, have you no decency?

*PS, now the creepiest thing ever:  The sit or squat site has a community section who’s purpose is only for people who want to talk with strangers about toilets:

Visit the Community
The community at SitOrSquat is designed to give people a place to interact with anything that has to do with bathrooms. Check out the selection including News, Blogs, Forums and Humor.