Coca-Cola's Guide to Living Positively

4 05 2010

Coke is trying to fight the Anti-Soda movement by… being Anti-Soda?

Coca-Cola is pushing its new Live Positively Campaign in an attempt to develop goodwill with it’s customers.  This program has helped create the school health guidelines that it will now be enforcing.  In fact, it has “helped reduce total beverage calories provided to U.S. schools by 88%.” Coke also lets us know how the Coke Rewards program is providing supplies for the schools.  This way parents will buy Coke products to support the schools and the kids can get their crack Coke at home instead of the school.  We also are informed how their Triple Play program encourages kids to get active and make wise diet decisions.  Wow, Coke is such a purveyor of good will and societal improvement!

Yeah…  I’m going to say that this willingness to help is only because it provides Coke with more opportunity to peddle Dasani, Vitamin Water, and Minute Maid, products with a higher profit margin.

Coke is really trying to sell this by referring to their sodas as “sparkling beverages” and only referring to themselves as Coca-Cola, because we consumers will never figure out that sparkling beverages and soda are the same thing to Coke and Coca-Cola just sounds so much friendlier and well meaning.

An Honest Commercial

22 04 2010

Apparently only exists where people are unable to lie.

I recently watched “The Invention of Lying,” and while it did “Suck, suck, suck” like I was warned it would, there was a Coke commercial that almost made it worth it.

My big problem with that movie, was that although the premise was that people couldn’t lie, it was more like they just had no filter on their thoughts.  There was no omission of information, which just made it awkward and ridiculously contrived.

It did make for a very funny commercial though. Coke is bad for you, but people have been drinking it for years, so please continue buying it, if you still like it.
If only Coke were that honest now, instead of trying to make everyone think that drinking Coca-cola brings world peace… to a video game

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