Evil Green Mist, coming to a neighborhood near you!

19 03 2012

Lowe’s has been doing a great job with their new(ish) marketing campaign recently.  They have ridiculously catchy hipster music (“Don’t Stop, Doin’ what-cha doing” is often sung in our house) and a slight variance in each commercial to appeal to different personalities.  Case in point, my MIL saw the “Coloring Book” commercial and like it so much that she told me about it, and she actually remembered who the commercial was for (not the easiest task).

However, one commercial just seems to freak people out.  The Fresh Cut Grass Commercial:

I didn’t think too much of this commercial. I just figured it wasn’t directed at me (I hate yard work (probably because it was a punishment when I was a child – “Just go pick up sticks in the yard!)).  I did think the green mist (fog, scent, visual gas leak?) was a little weird and reminiscent of the evil green mist in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader Butchering that Hollywood put out.

Green Mist is not normally a comforting sight

However, my focus group friends all hated this commercial with a fiery passion that I usually reserve for pickles.

The biggest complaint was the mystery green fog:  It looks like poison, it’s kidnapping people, why does it have the power to change their clothes? Is it just pot fumes and that’s why they are excited about yard work?  It just looks evil.  Who likes the smell of fresh-cut grass? (allergy sufferer’s words)

The best response: How early is that jerk neighbor mowing the lawn!?


Subliminal Apple

14 03 2012

Do you remember when people used to think there were subliminal messages in commercials?  That there was some message being played in reverse that would subconsciously enter your mind and the next thing you knew you had 15 bags of Cheetos in your house, but you didn’t know where they came from?  Well, in my opinion, Apple does this visually.  I know I’m way late on commenting on this, but let’s talk about Siri.  In all of the initial commercials for Apple’s voice application, none of the eyes of the adults talking to the phone were shown.

It seems like Apple wants to separate the voice from the human aspect and make it normal to carry on a conversation with a machine (which some lonely people are more than willing to do)

That just can’t be good for human kind, but it will make it easier for the super wealthy to adapt to their robot maids.

A New Slate Article

2 06 2010

Slate has a new article about the Clio Advertising Awards, which might only be interesting for marketing nerds like me.  It does bring up some of my favorite commercials, and apparently, they got robbed.

While this got the top award,

The old spice guy, only bronze.  I am not pleased.

Lighten Up, Steve

4 05 2010

So, Ellen made a very funny mock-commercial for the iPhone, but apparently the folks at Apple were none too pleased which in turn resulted in a staged apology the next day on her show.  If Ellen hadn’t professed her love so adamantly and listed off every product Apple makes, I would have thought her sincere, instead of furiously backtracking from an enraged nerd who had given her free products to shill.

But hey, I can’t say I blame her.  This dude is scary.  Especially if you say “Flash” or “Android” within his earshot.

Who said "Android"?

An Honest Commercial

22 04 2010

Apparently only exists where people are unable to lie.

I recently watched “The Invention of Lying,” and while it did “Suck, suck, suck” like I was warned it would, there was a Coke commercial that almost made it worth it.

My big problem with that movie, was that although the premise was that people couldn’t lie, it was more like they just had no filter on their thoughts.  There was no omission of information, which just made it awkward and ridiculously contrived.

It did make for a very funny commercial though. Coke is bad for you, but people have been drinking it for years, so please continue buying it, if you still like it.
If only Coke were that honest now, instead of trying to make everyone think that drinking Coca-cola brings world peace… to a video game

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