My Home Town

16 04 2010

So, this is probably the outskirts of marketing, but a team mascot is supposed to say something about the team right?  “We are a force to be reckoned with,” is what one generally infers from team mascots like, “The Timberwolves,” “The Bears,” “The Redskins” (had to).  These names are meant to strike fear in the heart of the opponent and elicit pride and loyalty from one’s fans.

But let me ask you this.

Does this mascot strike fear in your hearts?

Welcome to Richmond, Flying Squirrels.  This is a vast improvement from the Richmond Braves.  Now if only we can find a home for our giant Indian Chief.

Oh actually, dear Connecticut has found a home.  In true Richmond fashion, he is downtown on top of the Lucky Strike building in Shockoe Bottom.  This is why I love that town.

So many new bits of information I keep finding!
I’m not entirely sure who developed this list, but apparently the good people of Richmond chose “Flying Squirrels” during a name the team contest with the local newspapers.

Finalists were as follows,
Richmond Flatheads
Richmond Flying Squirrels
Richmond Rhinos
Richmond Rock Hoppers

Seriously Richmond?  I leave town and Ukrop’s gets bought out and you come up with the Richmond FLYING SQUIRRELS?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?