A little grassroots effort

13 05 2010

So, there are some products that I have come across that I really like, but I haven’t seen anywhere or have seen anyone else with them, so I’ve decided to give some free advertisements to these products I am proud to back.

First off, FoldTuk.  I received these as a wedding gift from Arnie (watch the infomercial) and they are awesome.  Non-stick, collapsible, doubles as tupperware, and you can bake, microwave, and freeze them.    Also, those of you who have silicone bakeware know the smell they make when you bake… FoldTuk has none of that.  Hmm, this is sounding more like an infomercial than I wanted it to.

Regardless, these are sweet, and they deserve some recognition.

*Fun fact, this won’t melt until way after 500 degrees.*