One of the greatest days in marketing history

9 04 2010

Say goodbye to the Justin Long Mac commercials!  I’ll wait while all you PCers dance a collective jig while all the Macs sob quietly in the corner.

While these commercials were witty and mildly amusing at first, but pretty soon, those of us without Macs started to realize how unconscionably pretentious Apple, and by association, Steve Jobs, really were.  Apple, you mean to tell me that because I do not own your overpriced, borderline socialist, supercilious equipment I am now the consumer equivalent of a sniveling, overweight, middle-aged nerd who’s logic and social skills are comparable to that of a Slippery Rock student?

It’s that kind of attitude that ostracizes the other 90% of the consumer-level market.  I’m guessing you never heard about honey catching more flies than vinegar (Steve Jobs, I’m talking to you).

The only good thing to come out of this whole debacle was the I’m a PC campaign, which really helped improved my self esteem.

I’m a PC, and I am a huge marketing nerd.

Now if only we could get rid of the $5 foot long commercials, it would truly be the GREATEST day in marketing, EVER.