Who doesn't love beating a dead horse?

7 04 2010

I know some folks at my alma mater who thoroughly enjoyed this past time. (Anyone know where that academic integrity picture went?  Or did Dr. Kemeny burn them all?)

State Farm, listen up.  All I’m saying is when I see this commercial, I don’t think “hey I can trust State Farm.”  All I’m really concerned about is the safety of that insurance rep around this creepy character who obviously has such an obsession with control that he cannot even let her speak.
This does not  bode well for her.


Creepy Spokesman

21 03 2010

Since I’ve been watching March Madness most of the weekend, I have found a great deal of fodder for my marketing analysis (read: I’ve been sick and on my butt all day, so I am even more critical than normal).

First off, the new State Farm Insurance spokesperson.   What the what?  I wonder if anyone in the focus group said, “hey, that guy looks like a cross between Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise,” and the marketing team thought it was a good thing.

I think what they meant to say is, “hey, that guy has Charlie Sheen’s sexual predator tendencies and Tom Cruise’s crazy eyes.  I would not trust him as a street vendor, much less an insurance salesman.”

I also find it ridiculously ironic that the campaign is called, “people trust people.”  They don’t.  especially not marketers. and especially not insurance agents.