Adidas missed the mark

8 06 2010

Have you ever seen Drop Dead Gorgeous?  If not, stop reading and go watch it now.  I mean it.

Now that you are back, there is a scene where all of the pageant girls explain their patriotic costumes and why they are “Proud to be an American” and Tess, who has the Largest Ball of Twine on her head, says, “I think I misunderstood the assignment…”

That is how Adidas should feel about their new ad campaign for the World Cup.

Nike came up with how the World Cup is a life changing, inspiring event for the players; Puma had an awesome viral campaign that made me love Puma and all of their soccer hooligan-ness.

Adidas just made me confused… and a little sad.


New Ad Report Card Article

7 06 2010

Bold words, Seth.  Tell me, do you think this is the greatest ad you’ve ever seen?

Being an Adidas girl, I still think that Nike has no place in soccer.  I have never bought Nike cleats, soccer balls, or duffel bags.  I just can’t do it.  Nike is for basketball.  However, I must begrudgingly admit that this is a good commercial, although, not the best ever.  And if you are inspired by a commercial to such extremes as the author of this article is, you may want to interact with real people more often.

Well done Nike, but with your budget you have to do a good job, since people won’t be buying your soccer supplies because of quality.