From Hero to Zero

9 09 2010

Old Spice, when one has the winning recipe for a successful commercial (that would be humor, shirtless hot guy, a decent product, a horse, hot guy, unique shooting, and shirtless hot guy, for those of you interested), one does not change the recipe.  Especially when your substitution takes you from recent WR to washed up LB.

Even if your main ingredient retires, move along to something else.  Please don’t subject us to your bargain basement find, however we do thank you for not making Ray Lewis shirtless.


A New Slate Article

2 06 2010

Slate has a new article about the Clio Advertising Awards, which might only be interesting for marketing nerds like me.  It does bring up some of my favorite commercials, and apparently, they got robbed.

While this got the top award,

The old spice guy, only bronze.  I am not pleased.

The Ad You've All Been Waiting For

15 04 2010

There is not much to say; this commercial is that fantastic in my opinion.

Also, I know someone who doesn’t want me to post this at all because it’s “inappropriate”, so I must be expedient in my writing before he notices.

What do you think?