Why I Love Viral Marketing

11 04 2010

First off, watch this video.  Do it now before you read any further.  I mean it.

Hats off to Puma.  During the first (of many) viewing, so many questions weighed on the mind.  Why on earth are these men singing this song?  Who taught them the harmony?  Why is there a random lady in the crowd?  Are these guys coal miners?

Flash to the end, “Puma,” and all of my questions are answered.  Taught the song (no way they had heard it before this opportunity came along) by marketing reps.  Paid 50 quid each and free beer during filming.  Still no idea where the lady came from, but the guys must be soccer fans/players, so 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

Viral marketing can be genius sometimes.  It eliminate those silly ad space fees to pay for TV airing (which TiVo makes irrelevant anyway), and if it’s good and people actually know you did it, it creates so much positive brand awareness.  There is also a great deal of voluntary, repeat viewing.

The only downside.  I’m not sure exactly how tough guys singing Truly, Madly, Deeply relates to Puma products, but I sure am glad that they did it.

Plus any guy who says that he will “be every-fing that you need” with such emotion repressed by anger will be winning female hearts everywhere.